As I say in My Reading, as soon as I discovered Georgette Heyer, I was captivated. It had never occurred to me, however, that anyone else wrote them until I was in WH Smiths one day and saw a large display of Mills&Boon Historicals.

"I know a lot about that era", I thought, and by the time I got home a plot was shaping in my head. But oh, the research! Days and days on the Internet. Scrupulous checking of language and fabrics and furnishings and maps and etiquette.

I ended up with a book that - even though I say it myself - Georgette Heyer might not have thought too shabby. Sadly, I couldn't discover anyone at that time who was taking comedy-of-manners-with-a-whiff-of-adventure Regencies, so The Kydd Inheritance, Fair Deception and Fortunate Wager (sequels set in Newmarket, my nearest town and Very Big in Regency sporting circles) remained unsold on my computer.


I'm delighted to announce that Robert Hale Ltd published Fair Deception in October 2008, Fortunate Wager in November 2009 and The Kydd Inheritance in January 2011!! All three first chapters can be read using the links below

The Kydd Inheritance      Fair Deception      Fortunate Wager