The idea for FutureChange came from a science report on television.

"...In the future," said the voice-over, "children might go to Virtual Reality schools. Sports fans would be able to attend Virtual Reality football matches without ever leaving their own homes."

Hmm, I thought, but why stop there? Why not get your exercise in Virtual Reality gyms? Or perhaps go on Virtual Reality holidays? Why have your own home anyway?

And then I realised that there would have to be somebody controlling everything. Someone to make sure the VR wires didn't get crossed. Someone to invent ever better and more realistic simulations. And so KSIM was born. A company so monstrous that the humanitarian scientists working there would take the terrible risk of sending their own children back in time to stop it forming.

Sounds good, doesn't it? Unfortunately this scenario comes under the heading of Science, not Magic - so it isn't very fashionable at the moment. But I live in hope that at some point FutureChange, PresentTense and PastParticles may yet appear.