Like a lot of authors, I enjoy writing short stories for women's magazines. Sometimes these stories can take two or three days to complete, sometimes a couple of weeks. On very rare occasions, they fall out of my pen on to the page almost faster than I can get my thoughts into order. When I first started submitting short stories, I used to have two or three on the go at once. This was mostly because my printer was so slow that I could read through and edit one whilst the latest version of the other was being printed out, but it means that now it feels odd if I'm only working on one at a time!

As well as magazines, I have had stories included in the Sexy Shorts range of charity anthologies from Accent Press.

Santa's Little Helpers in 'Sexy Shorts for Christmas' (1 per copy to Breast Cancer Campaign)
Just The Job in 'Sexy Shorts for Summer' (1 per copy to Cancer Research UK) )
Good Neighbours in 'Scary Shorts for Halloween' (1 per copy to Breast Cancer Campaign)
Dream Date in 'Sexy Shorts for Lovers' (1 per copy to British Heart Foundation)
Saving Grace in 'Sexy Shorts for the Beach' (1 per copy to Cancer Research UK)

I am also delighted to be included in Loves Me, Loves Me Not, the anthology produced by the Romantic Novelists' Association to celebrate our 50th Anniversary.

If you would like to read a couple of my short stories, please click on Land Of Fire for a weepy, or the one which won the 2002 Elizabeth Goudge trophy at the RNA Durham conference - Nobody Knits These Days

Picture of me getting the Elizabeth Goudge Trophy